Wednesday. Madison Square Garden. Oasis. Perfect.


Picked up this original PLASMATICS NYC show poster from a 2 night-stand in 1981 at Bond International in Times Square. Pretty amazing piece of urban archaeology that has stood the test of time in someones warehouse for 27 years. This thing is 5 feet tall and about 2 feet wide, with an amazing shot of Wendy O. daring posers to attend the show. This is from the BEYOND THE VALLEY OF 1984 tour where she blew up police cars on stage at Bonds, after being beaten by Milwaukee police earlier in the tour. This museum piece is gonna get framed.


Paid my respects this weekend to one of my heroes. 28 years ago. WOW. Darby Crash should be remembered also, unlucky kid.


Scored two RAYMOND PETTIBON pieces this week. The new Art In America magazine features a great cover by him, as well as a short article. Worth picking up for sure. Also, a really insane item which I couldn't believe was produced...a beach towel. This thing is huge...60"x70",and at first I thought I would hang it up or something, but this bitch needs ALOT of wall space. The image is a beautiful surf scene done in blues and greens, really nice...and will NOT see any use as a beach towel. Maybe a bedspread.


SKINS is by far the best show on T.V. right now. If you get BBC America I suggest you do not sleep on this. Each character is amazing, each episode engrossing, and it makes anything on American television just look really, really lame. Sure, I'm a bit of an Anglophile, and yeah I like watching people "wild out", but I'm sure once you start TIVOing this or buy the dvds, you'll thank me in the morning.


Carrie and I had our Thanksgiving dinner at the LEVER HOUSE restaurant the other day, continuing our yearly tradition of blowing way too much money on eating turkey. But I have always wanted to experience eating in my favorite NYC building, so it was worth it. The interior is designed by Marc Newson, and is very, very modern and sleek(sorry no pics). Food was ok I guess, while service was fantastic. The courtyard currently has a Hello Kitty group of sculptures by Tom Sachs, which Carrie really enjoyed. We both ate too much and felt ill, but overall a worthwhile experience to eat in this modernist mecca.


Picked up a couple of new books recently. After seeing the WILLIAM EGGLESTON show at the Whitney (GREAT), I grabbed this copy of "5X7," a book I had seen around alot, until I wanted one, and then they were sold out and going for almost double online. Luckily the Whitney bookstore had some copies, so I pounced. Also, a bunch of RICHARD PRINCE books, just because I'm on a mission to get all of his stuff and I get obsessed. Carrie and I went to the opening for his new show at Gagosian Gallery a couple of weeks ago and his new stuff is sick!


Carrie wanted to see the ELIZABETH PEYTON show at the NEW MUSEUM and since it was 29 degrees out, I agreed on an indoor activity. LIVE FOREVER is the name of the show with paintings of rock stars like Oasis, and other artists and celebs. I, quite frankly, didn't get it. But the view from the top of the building was great, and I snapped a couple of shots of a freezing Bowery. Click 'em.


Carrie, my friend Nick, and I made our way to Long Island City to check out the KEITH HARING exhibit "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" at Deitch Gallery on Sunday. These paintings have never been shown in America before, and they were totally insane! The gallery is a great space right on the east river, next door to Matthew Barney's studio. We spent most of the time trying to match up the paintings and the commandments, but were later told that nobody knows for sure because Keith might not even have known them all himself. Another painting was also on display, but didn't catch the name. A chilled out Sunday, before a hectic work week.


The William Eggleston retrospective opens this week at the Whitney and is must-see shit for those who love classic American images shot by the godfather of modern color photography. Snagged the last copy of LOS ALAMOS at The Strand last week and it got me even more psyched to check out the exhibit. Besides being from the South and a complete nut, Mr. Eggleston is one of the greatest photographers of our time, so I really urge you to check his stuff out.


We barely caught the last day of the RICHARD KERN photo exhibit at Feature Inc, a tucked away gallery on Bowery, this afternoon, but it was worth it. The usual array of beautiful subjects in alluring poses. Great for the whole family. I think most of the images are from his latest book, LOOKER. Iphone shots to fill you in.


This footage is from 1983. I was 15 and probably out throwing eggs and toilet paper. This year, I'm 40, and will probably be home watching Friday the 13th or something. Oh well.


Spent Saturday and Sunday at the NY Art Book Fair at Phillips auction house in Chelsea. I drooled my way around, booth by booth, checking out an amazing amount of art books, magazines, zines and prints. It reminded me of going to comic book conventions in the city when I was a kid..totally overwhelming to the point where you just freeze up. I did manage to track down pieces by two of my favorite artists, Raymond Pettibon and Richard Prince. New Pettibon zine, THE MAJOR ARTERIES, and a 6 page photo zine called 3RD PLACE, by Prince (6 pages never hurt so much, but it was the cheapest Richard Prince item available.) Awesome event.


I can seriously listen to this shit for hours, while staring at this cover the whole time. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION.


Carrie really hooked me up for my 40th BDay, and went the luxury route, with COMME DES GARCONS socks and the insane HINOKI cologne from MONOCLE magazine and COMME DES GARCONS. I mean this stuff smells incredible, and covers up my infinite coffee aroma. The inspiration for the fragrance comes from a chilly spring morning soak in a boxy hinoki tub outdoors in Kyoto, while smelling the mosses and trees and the wood of the tub. What more can I say? Bananas. Also a signed John Waters book to complete my collection of his books. Picked up the Manson book on street, and the Richard Prince zine came with THE JOURNAL magazine as an insert. Great BDay dinner with some friends and that's that.


A couple of books picked up on vacation.
Richard Prince-Hippie Drawings (must have)
Eric Wilkins-Sex on Wheels (needs no explanation)
Roxanne Lowit-People (French edition of models and others partay-ing)
Christopher Makos-Andy ( Andy in a various state of drag..always score Warhol material when available... however weird.)


When I heard that Jeff Koons was going to be showing his major works at Versailles, I knew our Paris trip would have to correspond with this event, and we made it happen. Seeing his stuff in that environment was totally sick, as I suspected it would be, and I used all my photographic experience (none) to capture the magic for you.


The Pompidou has the second largest collection of modern art in the world (behind MOMA), and the museum itself is a work of architectural genius. Also a great bookstore, and amazing view. Getting to see art up close and personal is one of my favorite things in the world, and this museum delivers. Enjoy this Basquiat, Twombly, and Duchamp. Or not.


As usual, Paris was off the hook.


THE FABULOUS STAINS. If you were watching Nightflight on USA network when you were a kid in the early 80s, then you probably saw this movie. Been waiting for this DVD release for a long time to see if it stands the test of time and lives up to my memories. All I know is that Diane Lane looks incredible in this flick, so everything else will be bonus.


Picked up this new book called RADIO SILENCE by Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo, and its got some great visuals that I have never seen before, having to do with hardcore. Pages of tshirts, album covers, insider info, private letters, etc. Some must-have shit for those interested in the design related to old hardcore.


Brushing up on the films of KENNETH ANGER in anticipation of next years exhibition at P.S.1 museum. For those who have not seen his work, his films are pure Americana/Psychedelic/Demonic/High Art. My favorite is the mindbender INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER, with music by Mick Jagger, but SCORPIO RISING is classic for its 50s/60s pop soundtrack and Brooklyn locations. Pretty much all of it is must-see for those interested in having your mind "exorcised". Oh, and he also claims he will die on Halloween this year. An American classic for sure.