French double feature at BAM last night with a showing of FOUR ADVENTURES OF REINETTE AND MIRABELLE(1987) AND the documentary directed by the awesome actress Marie Riviere(who flew in from Paris) about the director Eric Rohmer, who also directed her in one of my new favorites LE RAYON VERT(1986). I think everyone wanted to hear about LE RAYON VERT, which she was glad to discuss and she presented her doc IN THE COMPANY OF ERIC ROHMER for free afterwards. Does this make any sense? I have heat exhaustion....


New pickup--- catalog from the amazing Richard Prince show last year at Salon 94. Been waiting for this to drop for a while. Need to get back on my book grind! Slowly weeding things out of my life, but will always collect books. Get it while you can....

CY TWOMBLY 1928-2011

One of my favorites R.I.P. A few of my shots of his work from the Modern and Centre Pompidou.


Stopped into the new THE HOLE gallery on Bowery to see the FRIENDSWITHYOU show. Nice space. Nice Show.