On June 17th the USPS released the CHARLES AND RAY EAMES stamp set. Mine arrived in the mail today, and they look fantastic. I bought a sheet of stamps and some sort of envelope that is post marked with the day of release. Order yours or pass by a post office soon, before they are sold out.


Picked up a few items last week that I have been enjoying over the weekend....Head Porter passport case for travel documents and such. Beautiful color, taped weatherproof seams, tight construction as usual from Head Porter from Japan. New ID magazine with limited edition KAWS cover, new Monocle magazine "special edition on building better cities, neighbourhoods and residences." Top ranking of most livable cities (Copenhagen) and 50 things that improve your life (personal driver), yes, this is a rich people magazine. New David Sedaris book, which I really needed after reading the Manson book. Lots of reading to catch up on.


Crappy seats? check. Big girls? check. New Jersey housewives with french tips checking their Blackberry every 2 minutes? check. SQUARES? double check.

Went to see the Cure last night at Radio City Music Hall, and they put on a pretty good show. Was not familiar with stuff past the album DISINTEGRATION though, which has been a long time I realized last night. They did throw in classic favorites from the past like THE FOREST,CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES, as well as the square's favorites like LOVESONG, and JUST LIKE HEAVEN. Not many goth kids or even any type of freaks though, which was kind of sad. Maybe our section was reserved for NJ ticketholders or something. Anyway, a few crappy iphone shots of a really long show..3 hours with 3 encore sets! Robert Smith can still deliver after all these years I have to admit.


The newest member of the family arrived today, an Eames lounge chair metal, direct from Herman Miller. Yeah, I would rather have a vintage piece, but I can't seem to track one down. Buying one from ebay is dicey because alot of them say "loose shock mounts", which are the rubber pieces, and they are really hard to glue back on. Prices are really high too. So instead of searching for years, I decided to pull the trigger on a new one, and create my own vintage piece for the future. What a design masterpiece of simplicity and comfort. This one is Ash, which is the lightest wood it is made in. Comes with a certificate of authenticity from Herman Miller as well. Things could get tight in here with this collection growing. And I'm sure ebay has alot now that I've bought mine.

Mark Gonzales

An artist who I've been fortunate enough to collect a few pieces from over the years is Mark Gonzales, aka THE GONZ. Skateboarders know him as an insane street skater, but his artwork is just as insane. From sculpture, to painting, to drawings, his work really appeals to me.

White "stone" Priest, hand painted in 2000 and put out by Mo'Wax records.

Plastic bubble blowing Priest put out by MHI. Hand engraved and painted.

Original Drawing. Marker and pencil on paper.

I've been lucky to be able to snag these pieces over the years, and to have seen Gonz roaming around NYC on occasion. Seems like a real one of a kind wildman. Check out his acting, fighting a chair in GUMMO, or this video by COCONUT RECORDS, which used his museum "performance" as their video. Amazing guy.

Eames Lounge

When it comes to collecting chairs, this is my Pièce de résistance. Nuff said.


Besides this album cover being one of my all time favorites, Saint Vitus is usually playing on my itunes every night. These guys were signed to SST records and toured with Black Flag in the mid 1980s. Imagine what the punk kids thought seeing these Cheech and Chong looking hippies playing slow heavy metal before BF went on. Amazing. The first two albums are essential, but my choice of their best is the second, HALLOW'S VICTIM. The cover looks like something you might find in a San Francisco thrift store in 1973, but it was released in 1985. It sounds like Black Sabbath being played by a gang of Hells Angels, at an Altamont after-party held in a dumpster. Dark and Heavy.

Video from 1984 opening for BF in Canada


Went to see the film, ANVIL-THE STORY OF ANVIL, last night at The Brooklyn Academy of Music. What a great movie. Even if you aren't into the music of Anvil, a heavy metal band from Canada who kind of dropped off the map, you will get a real kick out of this film. Basically a story of good friends who never give up on each other. The best film I've seen this year without a doubt (including Iron Man which I saw this morning). Rachel Dratch from SNL sat in front of me, and Matt Dillon sat a few seats away, both were really into it as well. Afterward, the band answered questions, and then played a set of music. Took a couple of shots with the iphone (still no zoom), but the photo nazis were in effect. I listened to Anvil as a kid, and it brought back some memories of how good they were (are). Check it out when it gets released in November.