INTERVIEW MAGAZINE has a new look and its better than ever. This issue is off the hinges, with my favorite model KATE MOSS on the cover with spectacular interview and pics. Also, Woody Allen interview which is really, really good. This magazine has really stepped it up as of late, with high quality feel, fresh smell, new direction. Feels like a really expensive foreign magazine. They say nobody is buying magazines anymore, and I guess the numbers prove it, but one with a great feel and content is hard for me not to pick up. Or subscribe to.


Rarely have we taken a "flip flop" vacation(that's all you wear), but we decided to give it a try this year. Found the best resort I could in DR and went with the flow. All inclusive, adults only, luxury and relaxation. We drank alot, tried to control our eating, and swam and read. Period. We were not used to all the free drinks and food you could stomach, but the other guests sure looked accustomed. Guests were a mix of the following: Europeans, newly wed frat boys/sorority girls, New Jersey goombahs who watch way too much Sopranos, knuckle heads wearing alot of UNDER ARMOR clothing, croc wearers, 1st time passport holders, 99% of girls with blood diamonds as big as papayas, "eastern promises" russian mobsters, tough guys with shaved heads, goatees, and tribal arm bands, old people, milfs, volunteer firemen who hate "fags," jerks who think smoking cigars and never saying please or thank you is cool. Lots of "powertripping" by fat squares. Anyway, we had alot of fun, feel totally recharged, enjoyed the 6 foot waves, endless pool, watching them chop off the top of coconuts and fill them with rum, reading and relaxing and trying to master the new camera. That said, we've fulfilled our "beach resort" vacations for a few years I think. Oh yeah, every newly wed girl was reading THE TAO OF PREGNANCY or THE SECRETS TO MARITAL BLISS or some other pregnancy book. YO SLOW DOWN!


Received a creepy yet interesting gift on Monday from a friend, the 1977 book by Manson's favorite witch, Susan Atkins. For those who know HELTER SKELTER, you know all about "Sexy Sadie" and her crimes..well this is her side of the story. Will get into this book AFTER my vacation, so as not to tamper with the positive vibes and relaxation. Everyone who has read this says Sadie is full of crap....but would you expect anything less from her?

G-SHOCK 5600

Something very classic about an original style G-SHOCK watch. Affordable, classic 1980s design that holds up forever and looks good with everything. Just now rediscovering the simple design beauty of the 5600E model, and the "cleanness" of it. This, and early Air Jordans are two great examples of 1980s design that will stay classic forever, I think.


Went to see the new Woody Allen movie, Vicki Christina Barcelona, at BAM today and had a very relaxing time. Nice lunch beforehand at Cafe Lafayette, and after strolled around taking flicks. Perfect Sunday before the work week begins.


New OASIS single debuted on BBC radio the other morning and I already love it. Can't wait for the album and tour. I know alot of haters out there, and they should continue listening to their flavor of the month bands, and move along....Long live Oasis!


As part 2 of my Germs weekend, I went to check out the film WHAT WE DO IS SECRET, the Germs film that has been finally released this week. Despite what every critic had to say about it, I really enjoyed myself, and thought it was pretty engrossing. Didn't seem low budget or cheesy, and sometimes Shane West really did look alot like Darby Crash. There was a Q&A after with the band and director, and everyone seemed happy with it. Two funny things though...I was told the wrong theater at first and was sitting with a bunch of old people and "normals," which I thought was really strange, until my friend called and asked where I was, and I realized I was about to watch MAN ON A WIRE. And also, my pics didn't come out because I'm still learning the G9 and they all look like my camera took acid.


Caught the Germs last night, and even though they have an actor singing for them, the concert was somehow pretty entertaining. Played everything I wanted to hear, and the show got pretty wild with alot of beer cans being hurled(apologies to Pat Smear for the one to the head, I was aiming for Bijou Phillips). They invited people on stage if they wanted to play guitar at the end, and it turned into a real mess, which I guess what a real Germs show would be anyway. Late night pizza at Artichoke, and then we called it a night.


Found this beauty at a flea market last weekend, and couldn't pass it up. Good title, artwork, and the large "X" is really nice. Told myself that this will go in my bathroom one day when I own a larger place. Then I folded it up and filed it away with the others. The guy had a bunch more, so I might try to grab more this weekend if he's around.


I've slowly upgraded from Canon Elphs to the camera I've been fiending after for a few months, the G9. 2MP to 5MP to 12 MP, lets see what I can get this baby to do. Walked around tonight, testing it out, and with vacation time around the corner, I hope I can capture some magic.


Really lazy weekend, but went to check out a new bookstore called IDLEWILD on 19th street. This is a bookstore that specializes in travel books and literature, and is divided into sections by country. Really mellow and spacious, with nice music and employees. A good place to hit before a trip somewhere.


Books and the patron saint of my bathroom....


I've been a huge John Waters fan ever since I read about him in a Fangoria or some other magazine, back when I was in High School. Even before I saw a his films, I knew I liked this guy. Anyhow, I picked up this new book by Todd Oldham, called PLACE SPACE-JOHN WATERS, which is just pictures of JW in his Baltimore house. I love reading about his collections of weird stuff, and this book kind of gives us a tour. For being known for his bad taste, JW sure has an insane amount of beautiful art, and his collection of books is really something to aspire to. His movies aren't what they used to be, but I always check out the gallery and museum shows of his artwork(which I love) and whenever he does an appearance somewhere, I try to show up. I've seen him at the STRAND buying rare art books, and I've seen him at the movies, seeing some crap, and it's always nice to bump into a longtime hero, and say hi. .