Finally some good shit going up on Houston. Fuck all that OBEY advertising, huh?


Two killer shows at Gagosian on Madison ave. John Currin-NEW PAINTINGS and Pablo Picasso-IMPORTANT PAINTINGS AND SCULPTURE. Very special to see these Picasso's up close, and you DO NOT see a painter with John Currin's style much any more. A real painter's painter. Amamamamazing stuff. Peep my one sneaky pic of the show.


PEE-WEE last night! The secret word was FUN.


Attended the David Zwirner Gallery opening for Raymond Pettibon's HARD IN THE PAINT show, and of course it delivered big time. Duh. Shot the shit with him for a few minutes and got my "THE BOOKS" signed. I implore you not to miss this show if you are in NYC. C'mon, don't fuck around.


On my way to the Whitney Museum last week, I hit L&M Arts on 78th street for the Damien Hirst Medicine Cabinets show, which I think was originally displayed in the 80s or whatever, and was a really groundbreaking show. Kind of intimidating uptown gallery with nobody there but a gallery worker and a security guard who followed you around. The medicine cabinets are named after Sex Pistols songs and are very stark and beautiful. The upstairs of the gallery, which is stunning, had a collection of Sex Pistols paraphernalia, which I really dug and I snuck some shots of (barely). Interesting show for those who care for this type of stuff. Sorry, I couldn't snag any cabinet shots, but check the link.