We used to go to PS1 all the time but hadn't been in a while. When their Spring Session started Sunday, we were there. I went mostly for the Kenneth Anger exhibit, but I gotta say, the whole museum was packed with great shit. Plus, it was the last day to see Borre Saethre's unicorn, which was like Ridley Scott meets Stanley Kubrick. NO PHOTOS ALLOWED! But with a flick of the finger, I blindly fired the G9 and got a great pic (click em). Sorry photo nazis! p.s. that's Carrie waving from the bottom of the pool.


Went to check out John Joseph give a reading tonight at Webster Hall, and had a great time. If you don't know, John was the lead singer for the CRO-MAGS, the greatest New York Hardcore band ever. Period. His book, EVOLUTION OF A CRO-MAGNON, came out last year and is a great read, and he was very entertaining re-telling his wild tales of his youth.

THE STANDARD NYC 2.0 (the details)

For me, it's the little things that make a hotel great. View, Mini bar items, magazine selection, even bath products. The Standard really stepped up and delivered on all parts (except bath products..Kiss my Face? I don't know about all that, but Carrie says it's pretty old school, so eh?). I'm a sucker for magazines, so I really was impressed. ART IN AMERICA? PAPER? INTERVIEW? TAR? Really good shit in my opinion. Details like these go a long way in my book.


We treated ourselves to Valentines night at the new Standard Hotel in NYC, and we were totally blown away. We are really into modern, minimal design, and the hotel, although not totally completed, really delivered. Floor to ceiling windows, 42 inch tv at the foot of the bed, fantastic views, huge peek-a-boo tub. We had a completely relaxing day checking out some galleries, an early dinner, and then back to the room for champagne and whatever. I tried to capture the magic in photos.


We hit up the STEPHEN SPROUSE show at Deitch gallery a couple of weeks ago on a freezing Saturday, and warmed up with the day-glo. Mostly fashion-art but very cool, and he seemed like a chill NY character....hung with Warhol, Debbie Harry's roomate, etc. Carrie and I were having a picnic in Central Park in 2004 when Stephen Sprouse quietly shuffled past our blanket, looking kind of sad and lonely. He died a short time later of cancer, I think. We always say we should have invited him to eat with us. His Louis Vuitton bags kind of blew up after that.


I saw the THE CRAMPS in the mid 90s, and although I liked their persona more than their music, I have to admit that LUX INTERIOR owned the stage and completely showed everyone how a frontman should handle himself. Complete awe inspiring maniac. Earlier, my brother called me to tell me that he had sat next to the oldest goth guy he'd ever seen, while having lunch in a diner. After describing the guy, I figured out it was Lux who was performing that night. So, R.I.P. Lux. You never turned square!