Big fan of JOHN CURRIN, after Carrie kinda turned me onto his work. Checked out his 15 year retrospective of women at Andrea Rosen Gallery and it was quite a handful. Love his mix of "old fashioned" painting and his Playboy style drawings. Being a boob fan doesn't hurt either. Excellent interview with him in the latest INTERVIEW magazine.


We took advantage of the nice weather today and did what all the "cool people" are doing (no, not playing kickball) and walked the new HIGH LINE PARK. Yeah, there is a line, and you have to get a stamp on your hand, and all the usual NYC bullshit red tape that accompanies free things here, but I got to say... it was very cool. Very clean and modern and well put together. It winds through several buildings, has seats and refreshments, great views, and even an observation area overlooking 10th ave. We got on at Gansevoort and got off at around 20th street but I think they will extend it more soon. Seems to be pumping alot of people into 10th ave and the galleries area, which should be good for the businesses over there. Even PRINTED MATTER BOOKSTORE had alot of squares clogging it up. Check it.


Two recent pick-ups I've been really into lately are the Eames Aluminum Group Rolling Task Table by Herman Miller, and my Nike Lunartrainers. The table looks like it was a 1970s type thing...square work surface, really heavy duty, and rolls very smoothly. I haven't really found a spot for it yet in my shoebox, but I can keep rolling it until I like where it lands. I need a task to work on it with, I guess.

The Nike Lunartrainers are the sickest running shoes I've ever felt. NASA developed the foam cushioning which is super light and super durable. I literally do feel like I'm running on the moon with these things, because I'm always gasping for pain, no gain.


Rainy Saturday, but that was fine with me. Slept late, saw a real
crowd-pleaser of a zombie flick at Cinema Village (with a rowdy group
of fellow horror movie fans), ate pizza and spent the rest of the
afternoon in bookstores. A pleasant return after last weeks cheesy
(but relaxing) Miami R+R session.


Adult playground indeed. No kids, topless women, some very open-minded
lesbians, sunshine, lots of rum and pineapple juice. Mix and enjoy.


Out of the jungles for a much needed 5 days R+R. Direct orders:
terminate Mojitos with extreme prejudice.


While digging around my closet for some running shoes, I stumbled upon these forgotten treasures: STAR WARS Chuck Taylors that I picked up in Tokyo. Almost didn't buy them because I thought they would be all over NYC, but I never saw them here. JAPAN release only, nerds! Black nylon, waxed black laces, but too small for me...back to the closet.


Went to check out a show by one of my photography heroes, Stephen Shore, at the 303 Gallery in Chelsea over the weekend. Mostly b/w photos he took at The Factory, before his color stuff blew up. For some reason I took mostly Edie shots. A favorite photographer shooting one of my favorite subjects..WARHOLWORLD.