OFF! is the best new shit I've seen/heard in a long time. They destroyed Europa Thursday night with a 30 minute(?) set, and Keith Morris schooled the openers how a frontman should deliver. I attempted some pics and I shot some fuzzy video. I'm not sure how to shoot shows with a S-90 but it's the thought that counts?


Next Thursday at Europa in Brooklyn. Keith Morris(Black Flag/Circle Jerks) taking the old school and making it new school and vice versa. Not to mention using Raymond Pettibon artwork for everything. Fuck. I am soooo there.


Did I mention I went to see ENTER THE VOID last weekend? My mind is still sizzling. More of an experience than a movie I think. 2 hours 41 minutes run time...Don't pay-per-view it. Don't rent it. Don't fight it. Just go the biggest movie screen you can find it on, and let it happen. I was jolted out of my seat several times, and several people gave up and left the screening, but just let it happen and it will be an experience you will not forget.

COME TOGETHER (happy 70th)

"a working class hero is something to be"


3+1 show at Galerie du Jour-Agnes b. in Paris. Show featuring artworks by Dash Snow, Harmony Korine, and Ryan McGinley. This had some great pieces by all three artists, but I was mostly interested in Harmony Korine's work, which is what I shot the most pics of. Beautiful paintings by him, but the "videotape boxes" piece was my favorite (not to mention, fucking sick.)


Don't consider myself a Murakami fan, but I do love the tension between his artwork and the lavish Versailles we were in town, so what the hell? A few pics....