THE FABULOUS STAINS. If you were watching Nightflight on USA network when you were a kid in the early 80s, then you probably saw this movie. Been waiting for this DVD release for a long time to see if it stands the test of time and lives up to my memories. All I know is that Diane Lane looks incredible in this flick, so everything else will be bonus.


Picked up this new book called RADIO SILENCE by Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo, and its got some great visuals that I have never seen before, having to do with hardcore. Pages of tshirts, album covers, insider info, private letters, etc. Some must-have shit for those interested in the design related to old hardcore.


Brushing up on the films of KENNETH ANGER in anticipation of next years exhibition at P.S.1 museum. For those who have not seen his work, his films are pure Americana/Psychedelic/Demonic/High Art. My favorite is the mindbender INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER, with music by Mick Jagger, but SCORPIO RISING is classic for its 50s/60s pop soundtrack and Brooklyn locations. Pretty much all of it is must-see for those interested in having your mind "exorcised". Oh, and he also claims he will die on Halloween this year. An American classic for sure.


British artist Damien Hirst has been in the news lately for selling his artwork for record high prices, as the American economy goes down the toilet. Last year he had an installation in one of my favorite NYC buildings (and modernists dream) LEVER HOUSE, on Park Avenue. He also has a visible woman towering over the courtyard like an alien from a 1950s science fiction movie. Snapped a few pics before eating Thanksgiving diner across the street, then gave thanks that mad geniuses like him are still freaking people out with their art.


Visited my favorite neighborhood in NYC this weekend to have lunch and check out the New York Waterfalls by artist OLAFUR ELIASSON, from the Brooklyn Promenade. The Heights are so mellow and beautiful, they would definitely be my address if I won the lottery or something. Although the temperature was 90 degrees, the shady streets and breeze helped out. Stopped by TRUMAN CAPOTE'S old apartment(last pic), and then saw artist GARY PANTER walking down Montague street. Relaxing Sunday until I got home and watched the JETS get rocked.


There are worse things to blow money on I guess. p.s. thanks FUCT


Carrie stopped into the COLETTE X GAP pop-up store the other day and picked me up some interesting cookies from France. The Keith Haring Cookie Selection is an interesting way to reproduce Keith's art I suppose, and the cookies were actually really good. I guess he would have gotten a kick out of this if he was still alive. Who knows?


Some stupid Canadian bum rushed Noel Gallagher the other night in Toronto during "Morning Glory" and although they finished the set, he had to go to the hospital to get checked out. Alot of people are loving this I know, and I guess he's lucky nobody pulled a "Dimebag" on him, but c'mon dude. Hopefully Liam kicked ass back stage. Check it out about 1:26 into the clip.


After seeing a movie tonight called À l'intérieur (INSIDE) I know that France is the current master of extreme cinema. After seeing IRREVERSIBLE, HAUTE TENSION, FRONTIER(S), and now INSIDE, I'm positive. The trailer is 1% of how far they push this film, a story of a woman trying to cut the baby out of another woman for 80 minutes. I am a sucker for horror films, and this is one I wish I could have seen in a theater with a bunch of cinemaniacs, because they would be going bananas over this. The two directors really pushed the limits of horror with this one, and have been tapped to remake HELLRAISER I've heard. The "Making of Inside" part of the dvd, shows everyone having a good ol' time filming this bloodbath, so don't get too freaked out by the subject matter. A good horror film is a rare thing these days, and a perfect way to spend a rainy night. Females (pregnant or not) should not watch alone.


Got sucked into THE SHINING last night for the 100th time, but I never get sick of watching the master, KUBRICK, work his magic. Never was a huge Nicholson fan(although he is fantastic in most things he does) but I think Shelley Duvall is beautiful and talented in a weird, unconventional way. CLASSIC.


In 1983 BLACK FLAG played a show in one of the SUICIDAL TENDENCIES roadies garage. This was to attract as many kids as possible rocking SUICIDAL Shirts, so Glen E. Friedman(their manager) could photograph them for the first SUICIDAL album cover. How cool is that? And somebody got footage...insane. Blow it up full screen and enjoy.