The Verve

No pics, but just had to write that the Verve show at MSG was amazing. Despite the fact that a drunk girl lost her dinner at the end of our aisle, causing a minor evacuation and then the security and fire department taking her away, Richard Ashcroft and the band were in top form. Highlights included THE ROLLING PEOPLE and of course BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY. Forgot my camera and the iphone still can't handle concert shots, but trust me..mindblowing. Richard Ashcroft got a laugh talking about wanting to live in NYC, but that it was too expensive. HA, even with the British pound killing the dollar?

Loose Nut

Received this in the mail today. A 1985 Black Flag flyer/newsletter/order form/Pettibon drawing. This thing is such a document from the time. The order form has a list of all the Pettibon zines you could order for only $1.50 each. They must be worth a couple of hundred each now I bet. The drawing is classic and the flip side has a newsletter telling everyone about the new album, Loose Nut and the tour dates. I'm a sucker for old printed matter on all the stuff I love...flyers, posters, zines, etc...Gotta start putting together a file cabinet of all this stuff, before I lose track.

Keith Haring 50th Birthday

I know every blog has covered this, but I am a huge Keith Haring fan , so I had to check in for myself. The Haring painting that was on Houston and Bowery in the summer of 1982, is being recreated, I suppose in honor of his 50th Bday on May 4th. I took a few shots today with the i, and it really made me feel good. I can honestly say that his work ALWAYS makes me feel good, even when I am not. Seeing this up on a wall is really weird and makes me wish that he was still around to do stuff like this. Anyway, the Tribeca film fest is showing a doc called THE UNIVERSE OF KEITH HARING, and I have tickets for next Sunday(which is his bday) so that will be a cool day since they are officially unveiling the reproduction of his painting. Hope the documentary is as good as I hope, and sheds some new light for Haring fans like me.

Cai Guo Qiang

People really dissed the Richard Prince show at the Guggenheim earlier this year, but I didn't really think the Cai Guo-Qiang show was all that great. Sure the 99 Wolves piece was amazing as well as the suspended cars, but that was really it for me. Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind or something. I am always excited just to visit the Guggenheim though, even if the show doesn't blow me away or the exterior is still being worked on. Maybe I'm just too much of a Richard Prince fan to be subjective.


Caught this movie for the first time since high school and have to say it was fairly entertaining. The head explosion scene was all the talk in school when this came out, and it still delivers...especially in HD. David Cronenberg always brings something different to a film and never delivers the predictable. I still haven't seen SHIVERS or THE BROOD yet which is weird since I'm pretty well versed in my horror films of the 70s and 80s. Will be on the lookout.

40 Bond

I love checking out the architecture of cities I live in and visit, and have been really interested in the building at 40 Bond street in NYC. The front of the building has kind of a wrap of what looks like bones around it. It looks almost plastic but it felt like metal when i touched it. Really unusual and cool looking. Snapped a crappy picture with the iphone.

Stan Smith

In the past 7 years, my struggle to simplify and de-clutter my life has worked out pretty well. Now, instead of buying a pair of sneakers a week, I only buy one every few months (as this habit is hard to break), and I try to buy only simple and classic designs. With that vision in mind, what is more simple and classic than ADIDAS Stan Smith? Clean, timeless and comfortable are all I can ask for these days. These must be a newer version than from my high school days, because I seem to remember a picture of SS on the tongue? Am I right ? These bring back good memories of the 80s for some reason..maybe a simpler life?

Black Flag

What a great clip.


Last year on 9/11 Raymond Pettibon, had an art opening at Zwirner gallery in Manhattan. His show was political, humorous, and at the same time, scary. I was fortunate enough to meet him at this opening and even more blessed to have him scratch out a surfer doodle on the invite. He was laid back and easy going, beer in hand, dry, and approachable. What a great feeling to meet someone you really admire and not be disappointed. Definitely a hi-lite of last year. Thanks Raymond.


Picked up this new book on Jack Kirby last month, and wow what a nice package. In depth story about his life and work. I always loved Kirby ever since i discovered him when I was a comic collector, and although I stopped collecting years ago, his work still sticks in my memory banks. Makes me want to go and track down all his stuff.