Uninspired pics from Louisiana earlier in the week.


Hubigs pies. Classic New Orleans junk food....but sooo good.


Being able to get a daiquiri at a drive thru window is just the
beginning of the evils of New Orleans. Food is another one. My stomach
is never ready for this abuse.


Yeah I hate records, but these Futura (2000?) LP covers for MoWax I dug up, are absolute masterpieces. These can stay..... but alot of my other shitty records are going bye-bye soon.


Not the greatest week, but some great book pickups. First, two fantastic photography books: FREZNO by Tony Stamolis, and AMERICA by Zoe Strauss. Saw the Zoe Strauss show last year at Bruce Silverstein Gallery, and was blown away, but had just been sleeping on buying her book. The FREZNO book is just as amazing and right up my alley for the type of photography I love. Also two used gems: a British paperback of AMERICAN PSYCHO with original hardcover artwork, and HIGH TECH POETRY, a small poetry and art book by Mark Gonzales. Nice scores. ALSO a R.I.P. to two artists: Dash Snow and Julius Shulman....goodnight.


GONZ art opening for a new show..SOUTH WEST. Awesome shit as usual. Love the "Indian blanket" (don't know the official term) motif in alot of these pieces. Small gallery, big crowd, mediocre pics.


Wow, MoMA really is free on Friday nights....if of course you don't mind a line that is LITERALLY around the block AND you don't mind looking at art with people who would stand on line for a plate of shit, as long as it was free. Besides that, MoMA always delivers and I soon mellowed out and absorbed the magic. Pettibon, Koons, Twombly, the list goes on....peep it.


I re-watched PHANTASM last week, after about 20 years or so. This movie was always a little more underground and creepier than other horror movies that came out around the late 70s early 80s. Maybe because it was way more original. I mean, my Dad took me to see Dawn of the Dead in 1978, and Alien in 1979, but I don't think this type of flick was even on his radar. A real schlocky drive in movie that I wish I had seen on the big screen. Check it out if you haven't seen it..the dvd has some really great extras. IF THIS ONE DOESN'T SCARE YOU, YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD. Classic.