My head-clearing, chilling out place (OR SOMETIMES) my furious, hate the world place. All depends on the crowd and my attitude. Either way, I'm into it.


My amazing sister and her family sent me a package of KISS M&Ms for Xmas this year. Thanks sis! But that sure the hell ain't ACE(or Peter for that matter) and therefore these are FAKE KISS M&Ms. I've said it once and I'll say it again....IT AINT KISS WITHOUT ACE. I still love it though, Sue! Miss you.


Just pre-ordered the new book, MISERY OBSCURA from Eerie Von, the original bassist from Samhain and Danzig. He is doing a signing of it at Generation Records next month, and I'm totally psyched to be there to meet the legend and check out his photography. Something to definitely look forward to, for all Misfits/Samhain/Danzig fans. Please arrive covered in stage blood, for maximum impact.


The book-god has really been smiling down on me lately, as I've been stumbling into great deals on fantastic books over the last month or so. Two William Eggleston books, THE DEMOCRATIC FOREST and SPIRIT OF DUNKERQUE and a Dennis Hopper classic PHOTOGRAPHS FROM 1961 to 1967, from a show he had in the early 90s. All three books are photography classics in my opinion, although SPIRIT OF DUNKERQUE is my least favorite of Eggleston's publications (which still puts it ahead of alot of shit out there.) And after re-watching EASY-RIDER a while ago, I have been really into Dennis Hopper, as artist, director, and person. Total art-maniac.

Cover shots to enthrall, inform or bore you. Your choice.


I've been a huge Siskel and Ebert fan since I was a kid watching them on channel 13 in my bedroom on a 10 inch black and white TV, waiting to see what they thought about The Road Warrior and An American Werewolf in London. When I watch an older movie nowadays, I always check Youtube to try to find their original review on AT THE MOVIES, and get kinda bummed out when I think about them now (Siskel-dead, Ebert-stricken with some sort of cancer). Anyway, I stumbled upon this clip and it
had me cracking up. I've read that they hated one another in real life, but I for one, will never believe that. No way.


Attended the opening night screening of UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US on Friday and had a great time. Sold out show with directors Q&A afterward. The film is kind of an overview of the early years of the Norwegian Black Metal scene, focusing on Varg (Burzum) and Fenriz (Darkthrone) and a bit on Frost (Satyricon). They covered the church burnings and the murders and all the crazy shit going on back in the 90s, and a little of what's happening today. I was totally into it, but I could see if you didnt know the basics of the full stories, you might be a little lost.

Took a few crappy pics and a grainy video of the line of people stretched down the block, which I don't see too often when it comes to movies. Especially movies about Black Metal. Happy Holidays everyone!