As it should be, another week in NYC, another Keith Haring show. This time at Shafrazi Gallery, and I swear you won't be disappointed. All sorts of pieces...subway drawings, sculptures, blacklight posters, totem poles, everything...wish I had more shots, but security was NOT feeling me.


Always feeling this guys work. Not feeling my shitty photos though. Check it in person if at all possible.


Had a sleepover date at the ACE this weekend to finally check their newest property. Despite being in one of my least favorite areas of NYC (29th and Broadway- on the edge of the dirty 30s) the hotel is an oasis of simple design and high end amenities. Ate at the new Breslin Room restaurant which is connected to the hotel and drank alot of coffee from Stumptown, which opened their first NYC store at ACE. Both were amazing(although service at the Breslin was just aiight.) Even put in some hours at the Lobby Bar, which went without incident, but then drunk-shopped for Swiss imported toothbrushes and Japanese salt toothpaste at the new Opening Ceremony store, also inside the hotel. All in all, a nice getaway. Peep some pics.


Slept on these Mark Gonzales Adidas Nizza's when they came out I guess, but finally woke up and scored them cheap. Buying sneakers has lost 99% of its appeal to me, but when I see something I like, I make a move. Love the "paint spots" on these and blah blah blah.. wow, I'm already bored with this...just decide for yourself. ugh.


Am I the only person counting down the days until this book drops in June? Can I get in trouble for posting this pic of the cover? No harm intended, just psyched to sit by a swimming pool in L.A. and dive into this thing.


New book/zine out called NO ONE RULES, which is nothing but New York Hardcore Flyers 1981-1984. Always interested in adding stuff like this to my library, although I think flyer artwork (at least NYHC) improved alot after 1984. Still, some pretty great stuff. ONLY 350 COPIES PRODUCED from Colossal Man Press. Cop it, if you can.


Went to glare at Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes artwork at MoMA, but when that turned into a shit-show, I just mellowed out and enjoyed a chilly afternoon studying the classics.