Big graffiti show at FONDATION CARTIER. Amazing pieces by SEEN, DONDI,
and FUTURA(among others) The whole place covered in great art, movies
being played, music bumpin....Strict photo-nazi tactics in effect


Always hit the Quick while in Paris, for wifi and French fast food and
wilding teens(not shown, out of fear)


When you buy a book from the rare books floor at THE STRAND, you are escorted down to the cashiers, and then you get to cut to the front of the line to a cashier secured for you by your escort. Everyone is looking and wondering what kind of asshole just cut them and what the hell they are buying. Sorry. Anyway, finally secured a book that I had been on the lookout for, for a couple of years, RAYMOND PETTIBON'S 1000 page compilation of all the zines he put out for over 20 years. No other words will do except FUCKING AMAZING. I read this book for about an hour and was completely mesmerized and truly affected by his work. Only about a quarter of the way through, but this stuff must be taken in slowly, or you'll lose your mind. I'm kinda thinking I took too big of a hit off of this thing the first time and warped my mind.


My personal magazine rack this month consists of these standout publications: Mark Gonzales zine from his show at Half Gallery (no-brainer), Ari Marcopoulos zine CATCHIN' BODIES(too good not to pick up for $4), PURPLE FASHION MAGAZINE (, JACQUES, outta Brooklyn (sucker for oversized mags), and SNEEZE which is a HUGE weird photo mag with not much content but I always pick it up when I see it. I know, weird selection. Also I must say that I haven't read a VICE magazine in years but I picked up their new film issue and it is AMAZING!


When I say these two clips bring back good memories, I am understating it. If you grew up in the NYC area in the 70s and 80s, you know what I'm talking about.


Got my hands on this eagerly awaited, new book by one of my favorite photographers, shooting one of my favorite cities. Beautiful book with satin cover, bookmark ribbon, and chock full of Eggleston's sickness! I definitely feel like he's evolving into a new period, as this book contains his DRAWINGS as well as his classic color snaps. I wasn't ready for this shit! Some pages I could not tell the difference between the drawings and photos..beautiful. Very inspiring stuff from the master of color photography. Thumbs f'ing up.