Been buying Warhol books for a while now, and grabbed a couple more last week. The most exciting one is ANDY WARHOL: THE LATE WORK, which is a slipcased 3 volume set divided between paintings, photo work, and text. I think his later years are his most interesting work period...yarn paintings, camouflage, piss paintings, shadows, and the collaborations with Basquiat. Highly recommended if you like Warhol, not recommended if you don't.


Cannot wait to check this out. I'm pulling for you Sidney.


Published in 1978, another Manson book I stumbled upon. Former football star turned "Devil here to do the Devil's business" type hippy. All proceeds from this book go to his prison ministries, as he has found religion and is helping fellow prisoners now. Whatever you say, Tex. Interesting and disturbing book for the collection.


Carrie got the tickets, but if you want to laugh, google Carnegie Hall seating chart and check the seats. Classic.


Alex from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE has one of the greatest bedrooms in cinema history. And part of what made the room great was the sculpture done by Herman Makkink, particularly CHRIST UNLIMITED. Japanese company, Medicom, came up with the genius idea to create a limited number of reproductions from the artist, which were used in the movie. I was really lucky to be in the right place/right time a few years ago to be able to acquire one, but would really love another set to complete the actual 4 piece configuration, as seen in the film. Medicom also recreated the giant Penis-Rocker (from another scene), but I wasn't prepared for that purchase. Still on my holy grail list though. Check it...


After freaking out that I had missed the free R.CRUMB magazine available at Agnes B. stores throughout the world, I happened to pass the store thursday night and saw they had replenished the stack. Beautiful 12"x 17" newspaper with new Crumb art. Also snagged a couple of others at Xmas. Definite master of the line drawing.


Cold weather. Checking galleries. Seeing Movies. Favorite restaurants. Snappin' pics. Hanging with my girl. Priceless.