Horror Business

This is my layout copy for the zine I've always wanted to do. It's just a bunch of newspaper clippings of horror films that I would cut out of the newspaper when I was a kid. All are from 1982 and 1983 NY Post and Newsday. I found my folder full of them a while back and decided to copy them before they rotted any further. I tried to leave the movie theater listings on the ads, so you can check out all the funky old theaters around NYC that are now gone. The zine was done in one night...fueled by Misfits albums and iced coffee....all cut and paste old school style. I wanted to make a small time capsule of horror flicks playing in NYC during the early 80s, since these bring back good memories. Once I make copies, I'll try to get it in some bookstores and give them out to friends....

I.D. Magazine

I'm not the magazine collector I once was, but I still tend to buy alot of mags. There is still nothing like sitting around on a snowy, freezing Sunday with a stack of new magazines and a pot of coffee. I even coincide my magazine buying so that I have them for weekends. One magazine which I NEVER skip is I.D. magazine from England (lifestyle, not design). I have every issue from the last 6 years, in order and in special cases that they sold at The New Museum I.D. show a couple of years ago. Always something good in this magazine. Well the newest issue is no let down...Kate Moss cover and spread, Malcolm Mclaren interview, and a bunch of punk rock related stories, since it is the Punk issue. Hope this magazine continues forever and never suffers the same fate as the Face, which folded a few years ago.

Back in the N.Y. Groove

While I was celebrating my birthday at a bar with a few friends, my wonderful wife was at work meeting one of my boyhood heroes, Ace Frehley from KISS. I can't even count how many times I went as Ace for Halloween, and everyone knows he was the coolest member in the group. This, along with the signed Bret Easton Ellis book she got me (Lunar Park), made this a great way to turn 39.

Richard Prince....Lynn Valley

I don't usually have great luck finding sidewalk deals while I'm out strolling, but I finally scored the other day. I had been eyeing this Richard Prince book for a little while now, but had yet to pick it up. It costs $35 in the bookstore. Some guy had it out on the sidewalk for $8. A great sampler of Richard Prince pieces including Girlfriends, and the Nurses stuff. Hopefully, the beginning of a lucky streak for me.