Keith Haring 50th Birthday

I know every blog has covered this, but I am a huge Keith Haring fan , so I had to check in for myself. The Haring painting that was on Houston and Bowery in the summer of 1982, is being recreated, I suppose in honor of his 50th Bday on May 4th. I took a few shots today with the i, and it really made me feel good. I can honestly say that his work ALWAYS makes me feel good, even when I am not. Seeing this up on a wall is really weird and makes me wish that he was still around to do stuff like this. Anyway, the Tribeca film fest is showing a doc called THE UNIVERSE OF KEITH HARING, and I have tickets for next Sunday(which is his bday) so that will be a cool day since they are officially unveiling the reproduction of his painting. Hope the documentary is as good as I hope, and sheds some new light for Haring fans like me.