After seeing a movie tonight called À l'intérieur (INSIDE) I know that France is the current master of extreme cinema. After seeing IRREVERSIBLE, HAUTE TENSION, FRONTIER(S), and now INSIDE, I'm positive. The trailer is 1% of how far they push this film, a story of a woman trying to cut the baby out of another woman for 80 minutes. I am a sucker for horror films, and this is one I wish I could have seen in a theater with a bunch of cinemaniacs, because they would be going bananas over this. The two directors really pushed the limits of horror with this one, and have been tapped to remake HELLRAISER I've heard. The "Making of Inside" part of the dvd, shows everyone having a good ol' time filming this bloodbath, so don't get too freaked out by the subject matter. A good horror film is a rare thing these days, and a perfect way to spend a rainy night. Females (pregnant or not) should not watch alone.