Yeah, it's gotten shitty reviews, but I had to check out the SKIN FRUIT show at The New Museum, if only to check out the huge Pazuzu statue (of Exorcist fame?) by Roberto Cuoghi. Worth the price of admission to me, so I won't ruin it for you with a pic. Sure, the show is a giant mash-up of about 50 artists on 4 floors, but it's got some very interesting things going on in it. A live Jesus hanging on a cross and JFK in a coffin, along with your Koons(who curated), Princes, and Shermans. The woman singing on one floor was an interesting touch as well. Alot of controversy over the fact that this is the collection of zillionaire Dakis Joannou, who is also a trustee in the New Museum, and this show might increase the value of his stuff. Who gives a fuck? Don't hate the player, hate the art game.