One of my favorite Saturday evening activities is to see a movie by myself. I know it sounds pathetic, but it really relaxes me because I can see whatever I want, avoiding any drama. My favorite place to see my Saturday evening flick, is the Village East Cinema on 2nd Ave. It usually gets foreign and independents after Angelika, but alot of times it gets low budget horror films nobody else shows. Tonite I saw FRONTIER(S), a kind of French Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but with a family of neo-nazis instead of Leatherface. This was a really vicious little French production with gallons of blood and high tension situations. Great crowd too; fat guys with pony-tails wearing Friday the 13th t-shirts, really hoopin' and hollerin'. The guy behind me left two empty Budweiser quarts by his seat when he left. All in all, a nice evening for nerds like us.