Planet Joe

With the weather trying to warm up, my musical tastes tend to run toward a more California vibe, so I've been listening to alot of Black Flag lately. To help me get more into the summer/Cali mood, I read PLANET JOE, by Joe Cole, Black Flag roadie (and best friend of Henry Rollins), who was murdered in 1991. I love this book; a diary of being on the road with a band, and the insanity and the loneliness that comes with it. Reading THIS book, GET IN THE VAN, and the Rollins bio, TURNED ON, really gives you a good idea how it was touring with Black Flag, I suppose. Now if only Greg Ginn would write something about BF. Embarrassingly, my favorite Sonic Youth song is JC, and I only recently figured out it was about Joe Cole. Oh well, only 16 years late.