Picked up these plates from the store FISHS EDDY which is this insane plate and glass and store in NYC. These are part of their PANTONE collection which I really like, and they were on sale for almost nothing (literally). Have been eating off of plastic plates for so long, it will be nice to upgrade. The PANTONE color is written on each color section of the plate, which is kind of industrial looking, I guess. They have bowls, cups, saucers, and mugs in this collection, which they said are "sale items today, collector items tomorrow." Might go back for more if I have time.

Also, received these Scandanavian mugs as a gift from the wife a while back. So modern and clean looking that I haven't had the heart to use them yet. Just like looking at them on the shelf in the kitchen. Love the colored arrow design on these.

Action-packed weekend, as you can tell.