Crappy seats? check. Big girls? check. New Jersey housewives with french tips checking their Blackberry every 2 minutes? check. SQUARES? double check.

Went to see the Cure last night at Radio City Music Hall, and they put on a pretty good show. Was not familiar with stuff past the album DISINTEGRATION though, which has been a long time I realized last night. They did throw in classic favorites from the past like THE FOREST,CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES, as well as the square's favorites like LOVESONG, and JUST LIKE HEAVEN. Not many goth kids or even any type of freaks though, which was kind of sad. Maybe our section was reserved for NJ ticketholders or something. Anyway, a few crappy iphone shots of a really long show..3 hours with 3 encore sets! Robert Smith can still deliver after all these years I have to admit.