Mark Gonzales

An artist who I've been fortunate enough to collect a few pieces from over the years is Mark Gonzales, aka THE GONZ. Skateboarders know him as an insane street skater, but his artwork is just as insane. From sculpture, to painting, to drawings, his work really appeals to me.

White "stone" Priest, hand painted in 2000 and put out by Mo'Wax records.

Plastic bubble blowing Priest put out by MHI. Hand engraved and painted.

Original Drawing. Marker and pencil on paper.

I've been lucky to be able to snag these pieces over the years, and to have seen Gonz roaming around NYC on occasion. Seems like a real one of a kind wildman. Check out his acting, fighting a chair in GUMMO, or this video by COCONUT RECORDS, which used his museum "performance" as their video. Amazing guy.