Went to see the film, ANVIL-THE STORY OF ANVIL, last night at The Brooklyn Academy of Music. What a great movie. Even if you aren't into the music of Anvil, a heavy metal band from Canada who kind of dropped off the map, you will get a real kick out of this film. Basically a story of good friends who never give up on each other. The best film I've seen this year without a doubt (including Iron Man which I saw this morning). Rachel Dratch from SNL sat in front of me, and Matt Dillon sat a few seats away, both were really into it as well. Afterward, the band answered questions, and then played a set of music. Took a couple of shots with the iphone (still no zoom), but the photo nazis were in effect. I listened to Anvil as a kid, and it brought back some memories of how good they were (are). Check it out when it gets released in November.