Rarely have we taken a "flip flop" vacation(that's all you wear), but we decided to give it a try this year. Found the best resort I could in DR and went with the flow. All inclusive, adults only, luxury and relaxation. We drank alot, tried to control our eating, and swam and read. Period. We were not used to all the free drinks and food you could stomach, but the other guests sure looked accustomed. Guests were a mix of the following: Europeans, newly wed frat boys/sorority girls, New Jersey goombahs who watch way too much Sopranos, knuckle heads wearing alot of UNDER ARMOR clothing, croc wearers, 1st time passport holders, 99% of girls with blood diamonds as big as papayas, "eastern promises" russian mobsters, tough guys with shaved heads, goatees, and tribal arm bands, old people, milfs, volunteer firemen who hate "fags," jerks who think smoking cigars and never saying please or thank you is cool. Lots of "powertripping" by fat squares. Anyway, we had alot of fun, feel totally recharged, enjoyed the 6 foot waves, endless pool, watching them chop off the top of coconuts and fill them with rum, reading and relaxing and trying to master the new camera. That said, we've fulfilled our "beach resort" vacations for a few years I think. Oh yeah, every newly wed girl was reading THE TAO OF PREGNANCY or THE SECRETS TO MARITAL BLISS or some other pregnancy book. YO SLOW DOWN!