I've been a huge John Waters fan ever since I read about him in a Fangoria or some other magazine, back when I was in High School. Even before I saw a his films, I knew I liked this guy. Anyhow, I picked up this new book by Todd Oldham, called PLACE SPACE-JOHN WATERS, which is just pictures of JW in his Baltimore house. I love reading about his collections of weird stuff, and this book kind of gives us a tour. For being known for his bad taste, JW sure has an insane amount of beautiful art, and his collection of books is really something to aspire to. His movies aren't what they used to be, but I always check out the gallery and museum shows of his artwork(which I love) and whenever he does an appearance somewhere, I try to show up. I've seen him at the STRAND buying rare art books, and I've seen him at the movies, seeing some crap, and it's always nice to bump into a longtime hero, and say hi. .